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strongDM Closes $1 Million Expansion Round to Secure Access In A Distributed World

Funding helps strongDM expand product to secure access to sensitive data everywhere.

BURLINGAME, Calif., Oct.  11, 2018  (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- strongDM, the control plane for technical teams, today announced that it has closed a $1 million expansion financing round. strongDM will use the new funds to expand the sales and marketing teams to meet increasing demand.

Modern technology depends on distributed and on-demand infrastructure, but relies on the same old security. That explosion in complexity creates substantial security risks by making it hard to answer who did what, when and where. “We reimagined what access and auditing needs to be in a distributed world. strongDM’s control plane is a single source of truth to manage access to everything,” said Elizabeth Zalman co-founder and CEO of strongDM.

strongDM drastically reduces the work to manage permissions or audit activity for overburdened infrastructure teams. The service is easy to deploy and has built a loyal fanbase, including Peter Tormey, Head of Infrastructure for SoFi: "When strongDM said deployment would take an hour, I assumed they were full of it and blocked out an entire day. We finished in 45 minutes.” Adam Jacob, CTO and co-founder of Chef, agrees, “strongDM takes the friction out of managing security and getting end users access to the systems they need.”

Without this new approach, businesses dramatically slow down developers’ productivity or sacrifice security, which increases the risk of a data breach. “strongDM is redefining how companies secure access to sensitive data. strongDM is the only company that completes the promise of single-sign-on across every environment,” said Godfrey Sullivan, Chairman of the Board of Splunk.

Today’s news follows a year of impressive growth for the company which includes:

  • Increased revenue 492% with the addition of new clients including SoFi, Better Mortgage and Makespace.
  • Expanded protocol support for everything tech teams need to do their job, including Linux servers, Windows servers, and every database type.
  • Launched open-source project called Comply to help prepare for SOC 2 compliance. The project includes 30 policy templates, an online class, 7 blog posts and a Slack community to seek compliance advice.

About strongDM
strongDM delivers the control technical teams always wanted. In one click define permissions to any database or server across any environment. Instantly answer who did what, when and where with an audit trail of every query, ssh command or RDP session. Check us out: strongdm.com

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A photo accompanying this announcement is available at http://www.globenewswire.com/NewsRoom/AttachmentNg/b0694781-4f2f-4136-9b39-cfdcd015989f

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