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From Legacy Limitations to Continuous Zero Trust Authorization

With Legacy PAM

With StrongDM Zero Trust PAM

Lack of visibility, control, and audit trail for access events across your full tech stack.

Full visibility, integrated control, and comprehensive audit trails across everything.

Current PAM solutions have poor user experience leading them to circumvent controls.

Frustration-free access leads to high adoption rate improving security & productivity.

Cumbersome access policy enforcement and management

Simple, agile, and contextual access
policy management and 
enforcement, enabling granular control.

No control over what people do with their access

Precise, dynamic privileged action control for any infrastructure or application.


A Tailored Solution Just for Your Organization

Your technology stack is unique. Whether your infrastructure spans multiple clouds, utilizes diverse databases, or relies on critical applications, StrongDM seamlessly integrates with technologies you trust.

StrongDM is designed to fit your environment, not the other way around.


Fine-grained Permissions

With fine-grained permissions, security teams get detailed control over access rights, allowing precise management of user activities within their infrastructure:

  • Specific Access Rights: Define user permissions at a detailed level to limit access to only what is necessary.
  • Role-Based Access Control: Assign permissions based on specific roles, ensuring users have appropriate access relevant to their job functions.
  • Enhanced Security: Minimize potential security risks by restricting access to sensitive data and operations.
  • Scalability: Easily manage permissions as your organization grows and changes, without compromising on security.
  • Audit-Ready: Maintain comprehensive logs of user actions, simplifying compliance and audits.

Continuous Authorization

StrongDM's continuous Zero Trust authorization ensures real-time monitoring of access and operations by dynamically validating user actions within the system:

  • Real-Time Validation: Continuously assess and authorize user actions to prevent unauthorized access.
  • Adaptive Security Policies: Adjust access rights based on user behavior and contextual factors.
  • Enhanced Compliance: Meet regulatory requirements with ongoing verification of access privileges.
  • Improved Security Posture: Respond immediately to potential security threats by revoking access dynamically.
  • Seamless User Experience: Maintain user productivity with security measures that adapt without interrupting workflow.

Contextual Security Awareness

StrongDM’s contextual security awareness enables enterprises to adapt security measures based on the specific context of user activities and environmental factors:

  • Dynamic Security Responses: Tailor security protocols based on real-time analysis of user behavior, location, device security, and more.
  • Enhanced Detection Capabilities: Improve threat detection by considering context-specific variables that may indicate suspicious activities.
  • Risk Minimization: Proactively adjust access controls and security responses to minimize potential risks associated with abnormal user behaviors.
  • Improved Compliance: Ensure compliance with regulatory standards by implementing context-aware security measures that respond to varying conditions.
  • Seamless Integration: Seamlessly integrate with existing systems to leverage contextual data without disrupting user experience.

Benefits of ZTPAM

Enhanced Security
Minimizes the risk of data breaches by ensuring only authenticated and authorized users can access infrastructure resources.
Compliance Assurance
Helps enterprises comply with industry regulations by providing easy access control management and audit trails.
Operational Efficiency
Streamlines management of access permissions, reducing the administrative burden and increasing productivity.
Improved Visibility
Offers comprehensive visibility into who is accessing what, when, and from where, aiding in proactive security measures and decision-making.
Reduced Complexity
Simplifies the security infrastructure by eliminating the need for multiple legacy solutions, leading to lower costs and easier maintenance.


See Zero Trust PAM in action. 👀

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We chose StrongDM for the flexibility and simplicity. Suddenly, achieving Zero Trust is not that daunting because the tools are there. Obviously, you still need to put effort into designing the proper access levels. But you don't need to build anything by yourself. Everything is provided to you.”
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Daniel Solsona
Head of DevOps, Beekeeper
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