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Olive Selects strongDM To Secure Infrastructure Access

Healthcare AI company deploys strongDM to enhance security posture and improve efficiency for technical staff

Burlingame, CA - January 20, 2022 - Infrastructure access platform strongDM announced today that Olive—the artificial intelligence and operations automation solution for some of the largest healthcare organizations in the U.S.—has deployed strongDM to streamline employee access and optimize security across all critical infrastructure, exceeding all regulatory requirements.

Olive helps healthcare providers and payers alike to eliminate time-consuming, outmoded, and error-prone workflows to improve and accelerate patient care. Prior to its deployment of strongDM, Olive relied on custom workflows to provision, manage, and audit access to critical databases. As the company’s infrastructure environment expanded, their own workflows became too cumbersome to manage secure access, particularly given Olive’s work-from-anywhere policy. 

With strongDM, Olive has been able to implement secure access controls at scale without slowing down development. By centralizing user access to all critical infrastructure via a single control plane using strongDM, Olive has eliminated the need to manually manage hundreds of individual logins at the data layer. Standardized access workflows help Olive developers reduce the time and effort it takes to access a resource and accelerate onboarding for new engineers. By removing all data layer access, strongDM gives Olive’s security team greater control, visibility, and auditability across all infrastructure, simultaneously enhancing security and ensuring regulatory compliance.

“From a compliance point of view, I have no users in my data layer. It’s a phenomenal security posture,” says Vivek Desai, Senior Vice President of Engineering at Olive. “Having a line-by-line, high-fidelity audit trail of all access to core databases is a security and compliance person's Holy Grail, and we got that with strongDM. I can go in with my head held high to any healthcare organization in America and tell them the data layer security is on par with, and above, most regulatory requirements. Having that in an easy-to-use product that our teams love to use and makes them more productive is awesome.”

Specifically, strongDM allows organizations like Olive to:

  • Standardize and centralize access to all backend infrastructure with one control plane;
  • Simplify the onboarding process to a single command;
  • Eliminate manual workflows around provisioning, granting, and revoking access;
  • Mitigate security and compliance risks stemming from credential sprawl, over-provisioning, unwieldy key management, etc.;
  • Enhance security and compliance readiness with a comprehensive audit trail with strongDM’s protocol-aware proxy;
  • Increase technical staff’s productivity by giving newly onboarded engineers immediate access to the tools they need, without the need for VPN access.

“Every business, especially those highly regulated like healthcare, need sophisticated and secure access controls that allow their teams to operate at the pace these businesses demand,” says Tim Prendergast, strongDM’s CEO. “Our research shows that over half of organizations need hours to weeks to simply grant access to infrastructure, and that’s not even accounting for the difficulty of managing workflows, compliance, or audit trails. Olive is a great example of an organization that has embraced modern security, and it’s helping the healthcare industry modernize to provide better care.” 

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