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What’s New at StrongDM | January 2023

StrongDM manages and audits access to infrastructure.
  • Role-based, attribute-based, & just-in-time access to infrastructure
  • Connect any person or service to any infrastructure, anywhere
  • Logging like you've never seen

StrongDM has created a slick new desktop client to make access management simpler and more robust.

We’ve also added a fresh crop of secret store integrations–so you can provide Zero Trust authentication to your resources without changing vendors. Keep your secrets where you like. We’ll make sure the end user never sees them.

Here’s the latest:

The New Client is Here!

StrongDM desktop app

With StrongDM’s new desktop client, you can now:

  • Filter resources by type, health, & connection.
  • Search resources by name.
  • Save your most used resources for even easier access.
  • Copy resource name, address, & port number.
  • Scale to hundreds of thousands of resources with ease.

StrongDM supports your infrastructure today and in the future. Learn more here.

Secret Stores Integrations

Custom secret store integrations enable you to easily manage and automate the storage and rotation of credentials. Adopt StrongDM for Privileged Access Management while still leveraging your all of your current Vaults and Secret Managers.

StrongDM has added support for:

Want to learn more? Check our our full list of release notes.

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, Product Manager, has worked in the technology industry for over 15 years, in roles ranging from software integration, customer support, project management and product management. His work experience spans start-up size companies all the way through large enterprises such as GE (GE Transportation) and Allstate (Allstate Identity Protection). Curiosity and a deep love of learning are the key ingredients in Erick's outlook on work and life in general.

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