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Founded in 2015, we help companies big and small alike manage and audit access to their databases, servers, clusters, and web applications.

We are transparent.

We demonstrate it across all we do, from the audit trail our product provides to publishing our pricing. We don't sell vaporware, and don't make promises we can't keep.

We tell it like it is.

We’re sick of sales jargon, too. You won’t find words like “synergy” on our site or coming out of our mouths. We’ll be straight with you, and will be the first to tell you if we can’t solve your problems.

We are always ready to help.

We really are customer-first, second, and third. The Customer Support team is simply amazing… though there’s no way to prove it other than by experiencing it for yourself. 😉

We are better together.

We actually like coming to work (virtually, of course). No jerks here. Our bottom line is respect, for each other, our customers, and our product.

Funded by the best in the business.

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Trusted by the Fortune 100, the 3-person startup, and everyone in between.

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