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What does it mean? Doing the right thing is a choice. It’s a concerted, conscious effort. At StrongDM, we choose to care most about what matters most: People.

We're intentionally distributed.

We started as, and will remain, a remote work company. But that doesn't mean we work separately. We function as a cohesive, synchronous unit across 4 time zones, and that's a core part of what makes us strong.

We take care of you.

We offer great benefits, 401(k), and, well, the works. We respect your right to non-work time, and recognize that sometimes (often 😊), everyone just has to go for a walk.

We're an established startup.

We really are customer-first, second, and third. The Customer Support team is simply amazing… though there’s no way to prove it other than by experiencing it for yourself. 😉

We're all adults.

We love what we do, get it done, and treat each other with respect. We’re both serious and fun.

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At StrongDM, we wholeheartedly believe that if people are going to invest their time and energy in us, we need to invest our time and energy in them. That’s why we offer industry-leading benefits and compensation for our team members. That’s what it means to be People First, and it’s core to who we are.

🤑   We compensate our people well. We believe if you invest in people, they’ll pay it forward.
❤️   100% remote permanently
💵   $2500 to build a home office
👩🏿‍⚕️   100% employer paid insurance premiums (you + spouse + dependents)
🌴   6 weeks of accrued PTO + sick leave
🥂   11 paid holidays
❄️   Winter break - Closed the last week of the year
👶🏽   24 WEEKS of paid parental leave (both parents)
👩🏻‍🍼   $1500/month for your child's first year of life following parental leave
📈   Equity for everyone beginning on start date
💰   401(k)
😋   Work/life balance (we’re serious about this)

100% employer-paid insurance premiums 

  • Fully paid premiums for the employee, their spouse, and all dependents. This includes medical insurance, dental insurance, and vision insurance. There are 2 medical insurance packages to choose from and multiple options for vision and dental.

7 weeks of accrued PTO + sick leave 

  • Taking time off and disconnecting from work is important. That time is yours. At StrongDM, OOO means OOO. Employees are encouraged to take time for themselves and their families.

14 days of COVID-19 paid sick leave

  • In light of the pandemic, we rolled out COVID-19 leave for employees to take the time they need to heal or care for family members with COVID-19.

Rest and recharge days

  • StrongDM recognizes our ability to achieve objectives successfully depends on the wellbeing of our employees. StrongDM strives to provide a healthy workplace that values and enhances the health and wellness of all employees by providing Rest & Recharge days. These days are for employees to use to do something healthy or rewarding in order to help them recharge. Our hope is that the Rest & Recharge days will help to relieve stress and prevent burnout. 

Time to bond, recover and adjust 

  • We believe that paid family leave benefits employees, families, and businesses alike. Other parts of the world mandate six-plus months of parental leave. We thought–if they can figure it out, so can we. And we did. We offer 24 weeks of FULLY PAID parental leave. It is available to all full-time employees who become parents to a newborn, adopted child (time of placement) or foster child (time of placement).

Ramp back time

  • Plus 4 weeks of “ramp back” to help transition back to work, paid at 100% salary. After the completion of up to 24 weeks of Parental Leave, employees will transition back to work through a ramp back period.

Childcare stipend

  • To supplement the financial cost and allow parents to choose the right childcare situation for them, we offer employees an additional $1,500 stipend per month during the child’s first year of life, adoption or foster care. While Parental Leave allows parents to recover, bond, and adjust, there is also a significant financial component to the arrival of a new family member. 

Pregnancy loss

  • We recognize that loss is an all too common part of pregnancy. In the event of pregnancy loss, employees are eligible to take up to one month fully paid leave for either parent.

Bereavement at StrongDM is unlimited

  • Ultimately, we want you to be able to take care of your responsibilities and return to work as healthy and focused as possible, considering the circumstances. Following the loss, employees may use bereavement leave to make arrangements, attend services and work through the loss.

Give back with volunteer time off 

  • The intention of Volunteer Time Off is to foster community connection and give back to those in need. We also recognize that volunteering has been shown to reduce stress and anxiety and can have a profound effect on mental health.

Remote, forever. And ever. 

  • We started this company as a remote organization, and we will be that way forever. We are a fully distributed workforce, and we’re proud of it. Regular onsite meetings happen throughout the year. Laptops are provided by StrongDM.

Competitive salaries, for real.

  • We use a third-party tool that gathers and aggregates market data based on role, seniority, industry, company value, and more to ensure our offers are competitive. And because we are proudly salary-transparent, each job description will show the pay range at the bottom of the description.

$2500 office stipend

  • What you do with your stipend is your business, but many of our employees choose to use it on monitors, keyboards, desks, WFH workout equipment, artwork for the office–whatever tickles your fancy. This allowance renews every year at $500 until your 4th year–then it starts over at $2500. 

401(k) account

  • All employees have access to both a traditional and Roth 401k through Slavik401k (preferred provider of Justworks, who we use for all of our benefits administration) so they can take advantage of pre-tax or post-tax retirement investments.