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Secure privileged access across your entire environment on-premises, hybrid, or multi-cloud.

Mitigate risks with a solution that ensures only the right people have the right access at the right time to every resource in your infrastructure including cloud databases, clusters, and servers. 

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Taylor, Security

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Is your privileged access management solution difficult to deploy, manage, and adopt?

Take control with StrongDM and effotlessly deploy it across your entire infrastructure, regardless of the environment. Efficiently manage access with no additional overhead and empower your users to leverage their current workflows. 


Faster to gather evidence for audits


Reduction in number of engineers with admin rights


Reduced time to identify and respond to incidents


Shared credentials with credential-less access for your end users

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Access Management that extends across your entire stack

Privileged access solutions work best when you have visibility into every system for every user whether it is on-premises, in the cloud, or both. 

Legacy PAM solutions only works for part of your infrastructure. StrongDM extends PAM capabilities and centralizes access into one platform making it easy to understand who is accessing what, when, where, and why.

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Make Zero Standing Permissions a reality

Credentials and access to critical infrastructure should only need to exist when it is needed.

With just-in-time access, end users don’t need standing credentials but still get the access they need, eliminating exposure and narrowing your attack surface.

Learn more about how Zero Trust Privileged Access Management (PAM) works.

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Just-In-Time Access for the Cloud

Just-in-time access is a gap in legacy privileged access solutions, requiring standing permissions to exist that could be compromised. 

Eliminate the risk created by excessive static permissions with an enterprise-ready solution that provisions access by role, attribute, or just-in-time. 

Read about Just-in-Time Access (JIT)

Ali Khan
“The biggest impact of rolling out StrongDM has been that it's been a boon for compliance and regulatory adherence, as well as freeing the data in a way as it's much easier to access now.”
Ali Khan
CISO, Better.com
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