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Secure Dynamic Access. Simple Pricing.



per user month

Everything you need to provide seamless, secure dynamic access management.

Who’s this package for? 

For those looking to reduce access risk, stay compliant, and streamline access and access management for both users & admins.


  • Federated Identity, IdP support 
  • Ephemeral Credentials
  • Just-in-Time (JIT) Access
  • Strong Vault credential store
  • Support for cloud vaults (AWS, GCP, Azure, HashiVault)
  • Support for 100+ protocols
  • Databases
  • Servers (Windows, Unix, Linux)
  • Containers / Kubernetes
  • Cloud Services Providers
  • SaaS application controls
  • Activity log export
  • Session recordings
  • Integration to security stack




Dynamic Access Management that supports mature and complex tech and security stacks.

Who’s this package for?

For enterprise organizations who are looking to modernize and enhance their existing access processes & improve compliance.


  • Everything in Essentials
  • Access Workflows
  • Slack Integration
  • Device Trust
  • Legacy vault support (CyberArk PAM, CyberArk, Conjur, Delinea)
  • Reports Library
  • Log streaming to AWS S3
  • Audit API / API access to data
  • 13-month data retention








Dynamic Access Management for regulated workloads running in AWS GovCloud.

Who’s this package for?

For enterprise organizations who are looking to modernize and enhance their existing access processes & improve compliance.


  • Everything in Enterprise
  • Runs in AWS GovCloud

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What Our Customers Say About Us

“Security is a necessary part of day-to-day life. In terms of how we go forward, StrongDM will continue to be part of that story. It has all the mechanisms in place for database access control that we require, and I haven’t found a competitor yet that does the same thing.”

Wes Tanner

VP Engineering, ZEFR

We chose StrongDM because the solution is the one solution to rule them all. You simply integrate all your data sources into StrongDM; you integrate all your servers into StrongDM; you integrate all your Kubernetes clusters into StrongDM. You give your developers one simple tool they need to connect using SSO, and they have access to what they own.”

Jean-Philippe Lachance

Team Lead - R&D Security Defence, Coveo

Clearcover remains committed to the industry’s best security practices. StrongDM provides us with better insights to bolster our security posture.”

Nicholas Hobart

Senior Engineer, SRE Team, Clearcover

I would urge all other CISOs to adopt strongDM as their database proxy platform. It's been amazing for all of our users. When we first got strongDM, we implemented within, I think a day. And within a week we saw more and more users requesting access to it, once they saw how easy it was to access databases.”

Ali Khan

CISO, Better

With StrongDM, people don't have to maintain usernames and passwords for databases. With servers, they don't have to have keys. For websites, they don't have to have passwords. And so when you start eliminating the need for passwords and you start looking at things like Zero Trust, I believe that the attack surface is completely reduced.”

David Krutsko

Staff Infrastructure Engineer, StackAdapt

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Plan Comparison

table-person@2x Essentials Enterprise GovCloud

How StrongDM Authenticates Access

Federated Identity/Authentication Support - IDP Support - Identity/Group sync

Multi-factor Authentication - TOTP

Ephemeral Credentials

Just-in-Time (JIT) Credentials

Access Request Workflows

Access Request Workflows - Slack

Vaults Supported

StrongDM Vault

Cloud-Native Vaults

AWS Secrets Manager

Azure Key Store

GCP Secrets Manager

HashiCorp Vault

Legacy Vaults

CyberArk PAM

CyberArk Conjur

Delinea Secret Server

What Strong DM Controls Access To

Support for 100+ Applications/Protocols

Databases & Datastores

Linux Servers (in the Cloud or On-premises)

Windows Services (in the Cloud or On-premises)

Containers/Kubernetes clusters & pods

Cloud Service Providers

SaaS Application Control

Native Support for Client-Side Applications (Tableau, Postico, RDP, etc)

How StrongDM Supports Audits and Reporting

Structured Activity Logs

RDP Session Replays

Kubernetes Session Replays

SSH Replays

Data/Log Exports

Data/Log Retention

30 Days

13 Months

13 Months

Advanced Insights Reports Library

What StrongDM Integrates With in Your Security Stack

IdPs (Okta, Azure AD,...)


ChatOps (beta)


Export to SIEM

Stream to SIEM


Customer Support

Basic support included for all customers; premium service packages are available for organizations with more complex needs.

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