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PAM Was Dead. StrongDM Just Brought it Back to Life. ✨  An important message from StrongDM's CEO!

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OpenID Connect

OpenID Connect is an authentication layer built on top of the OAuth 2.0 authorization framework. OIDC allows third-party applications to obtain basic end-user profile information as well as verify the identity of the end-user. StrongDM communicates with identity providers using OpenIDConnect and other standardized authentication protocols.
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StrongDM works with OpenID Connect (and everything else) to make your infrastructure a cinch to access, manage, and audit.

Manage access.

Drag-and-drop easy. Instant onboarding, instant termination. No passwords, SSH keys, or IP addresses necessary.

Connect everything.

Works out of the box with all your databases, servers, clusters, containers, clouds, intranets, websites, and tools.

Works everywhere.

Works across all data centers – cloud and otherwise. HA, load balancing, mesh. Out of the box seamless networking.

Ultimate visibility.

Automate evidence collection. Instant auditing. See what your people are doing in real-time, or play back in video format.

Learn more about OpenID Connect and StrongDM

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General SSO Guide
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OpenID Connect Connections

Connect OpenID Connect & AWS CloudFormation
Connect OpenID Connect & Terraform
Connect OpenID Connect & Hashicorp Vault
Connect OpenID Connect & GCP Secret Manager
Connect OpenID Connect & Puppet
Connect OpenID Connect & AWS Secrets Manager
StrongDM app UI showing available infrastructure resources
Connect your first server or database, without any agents, in 5 minutes.