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Clearcover Strengthens Security While Growth Scales with StrongDM 

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Clearcover builds affordable, hassle-free car insurance that puts its policyholders in the driver’s seat. By using an app, customers can find the right policy, instantly file claims, and get help from customer service. It boasts the fastest claim payment time in the business–in some cases, in as little as seven minutes. By choosing StrongDM, Clearcover says it has bolstered its security posture, while continuing to meet the challenges of a high-growth company, such as simplifying processes at scale.

“Ultimately, we chose strongDM because it has the ability to grow with us. We want to enable our users to have more access to more services, and strongDM can help support that for us.”

Nicholas Hobart
Senior Engineer, SRE Team

Rapid Growth Requires Managing Access

Clearcover needed a scalable way to manage access to databases and audit usage. 

Before deploying StrongDM, the process to request and approve database access was manual. Developers requested access, and managers approved it. The SRE team then provisioned RDS databases by creating usernames and passwords. 

The SRE and security teams began looking for an access management solution that would allow them to automate access and create audit trails. After testing out a couple of products, the teams selected strongDM because it would meet the needs of Clearcover as it continued to expand.

“Ultimately, we chose StrongDM because it’s going to be able to grow with us. We’re barely scratching the surface of what StrongDM can do. As we continue to grow, we plan to add more services to strongDM, and we want to enable our users to have more access to more services,” said Nicholas Hobart, Senior Engineer, SRE Team.

Faster Audit Compliance Workflows, Access Control Top Benefits List

StrongDM simplified access control. SRE can control access via infrastructure as code. These changes made it faster and easier for Clearcover to gather evidence for SOC 2 compliance. The audit trail is completely visible, and the company is confident in its security posture.

“Clearcover remains committed to the industry’s best security practices,” Hobart said. “StrongDM provides us with better insights to bolster our security posture.”

strongDM Becomes Essential Part of Tech Stack

“The support we’ve gotten from StrongDM has been amazing,” Hobart said, referring to how StrongDM helped Clearcover customize its deployment and join betas. Hobart considers StrongDM’s support the hidden feature of the platform, one he initially didn’t anticipate being so valuable. 

“It is a perfect solution for growing companies. It’s hard to overemphasize how much easier this has made all parts of access management for our databases, and I’m looking forward to implementing more StrongDM [services] in the future,” he said.

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