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Unlock Flexibility & Keep Your Secrets Secure

Say goodbye to vendor lock-in and hello to flexibility. StrongDM enables you to utilize any vault solution without migrating secrets.

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Transition from Least Privilege to Zero-Standing Privileges

Embrace a generational shift in access management by moving from the standing access grants to a dynamic access model.

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Transform access control with Continuous Authorization

Revolutionize your approach to access control with Continuous Zero Trust Authorization, enabling real-time monitoring and enforcement of access policies.

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Secure and dynamic access loved by Security and DevOps teams alike.

A single platform to request, grant, approve, and revoke access securely across your entire infrastructure, on-premises and cloud–with an audit trail every step of the way.

Dave, CISO

Dexter, DevOps

Taylor, Security

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Access to What You Need When You Need It. 

Secure and Effortless Access.

Get instant access to the resources you use. With your personalized resource directory, you have direct and immediate access to the resources you need to do your job, based on your role or attributes. Simply request and connect. 

Works With Your Entire Stack.

StrongDM is the only platform that covers your entire infrastructure from on-premises Oracle DBs to Kubernetes and the cloud. Using a legacy database? Migrating from on-premises to AWS? Need to onboard new tools and get access? We have you covered every step of the way. 

Native integrations enable you to easily use the tools you love, with no training or hoop jumping required.

Move Faster and Increase Security. 

Finally, a way to securely access your infrastructure while also making your job easier.

StrongDM delivers secure access from wherever you are in the world based on your identity. It eliminates complex and fragmented solutions that require a map to find the resources you need. VPNs, jump boxes, bastion hosts and other disparate tools that have made your life more difficult will be a thing of the past.

Secure Access, Reduce Risk. 


Reach Zero Trust goals with dynamic access controls. 

Enable fast, intuitive, and auditable access to your entire technical stack for every member of your team. Replay an entire user history down to the keystroke.

Gain unprecedented insight into access grants with comprehensive reports. Identify any unused permissions, automate revocation, and continuously monitor access. With StrongDM, you can combine actionable insights with powerful workflows to reduce your access risk without breaking a sweat.

How It Works

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Connect to everything in your stack.

Unify your access control policies across the entire stack with native integrations for all clouds, secrets managers, log storage, and identity governance tools. 

Allow teams to utilize their preferred vault for storing secrets and keys. Regardless of their location, StrongDM centralizes access management in one platform.

Manage access to all your infrastructure -- all databases, all servers, all clouds, all clusters -- and implement just-in-time workflows to improve least privilege posture.

Explore All Integrations

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Reduce cognitive load with simplified workflows and automation.

Treat access as code and request, approve, grant, revoke, and audit access all in one place.

Transform from always-on access, to zero standing privileges. Streamlined workflows automate access approvals to grant access only when needed and revoke access when it’s not. 

Export every activity and query to your SIEM/SOAR for best-in-class observability.

The Ultimate Guide to Observability

Backed by a world-class customer experience

“Security is a necessary part of day-to-day life. In terms of how we go forward, StrongDM will continue to be part of that story. It has all the mechanisms in place for database access control that we require, and I haven’t found a competitor yet that does the same thing.”

Wes Tanner

VP Engineering, ZEFR

We chose StrongDM because the solution is the one solution to rule them all. You simply integrate all your data sources into StrongDM; you integrate all your servers into StrongDM; you integrate all your Kubernetes clusters into StrongDM. You give your developers one simple tool they need to connect using SSO, and they have access to what they own.”

Jean-Philippe Lachance

Team Lead - R&D Security Defence, Coveo

Clearcover remains committed to the industry’s best security practices. StrongDM provides us with better insights to bolster our security posture.”

Nicholas Hobart

Senior Engineer, SRE Team, Clearcover

I would urge all other CISOs to adopt strongDM as their database proxy platform. It's been amazing for all of our users. When we first got strongDM, we implemented within, I think a day. And within a week we saw more and more users requesting access to it, once they saw how easy it was to access databases.”

Ali Khan

CISO, Better

With StrongDM, people don't have to maintain usernames and passwords for databases. With servers, they don't have to have keys. For websites, they don't have to have passwords. And so when you start eliminating the need for passwords and you start looking at things like Zero Trust, I believe that the attack surface is completely reduced.”

David Krutsko

Staff Infrastructure Engineer, StackAdapt

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